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CUS CIR NO. 05/2022 DATE 04/03/2022

Toolkit for Anti-evasion/Preventive teams - reg.

With a view to enhance the efficiency and professionalism of officers/teams deployed for carrying out anti-evasion/anti-smuggling work, particularly when they are required to search premises, vehicles; verify a stock of goods; draw up a panchnama or to arrest a person away from their office premises, Board has received a suggestion that a standard toolkit may be provided.

2. In this regard, the undersigned is directed to say that officers/teams deployed for such work in Customs or CGST formations may be equipped with a suitable toolkit. A tentative list of items which could be considered for inclusion in the toolkit is given as Annexure-A. The list is suggestive in nature and may be modified so as to suit local needs.

4. Difficulties faced/suggestions, if any, may kindly be brought to the attention of the undersigned.

Encl. As above

Yours Sincerely,

(Dr RAJI N. S.)
Deputy Commissioner (Inv. - Cus)


CBIC, New Delhi

Suggested list of items in toolkit for Anti evasion:

i. Battery Power Banks;
ii. Binoculars;
iii. Car Inverter to operate Printer etc. independently;
iv. Comprehensive First Aid box;
v. Drug Detection/ Narcotics test kit;
vi. Fabric thickness gauge;
vii. Faraday Bag (cuts off Mobile etc. from any sort of radio-waves and prevents remote tampering/Deletion of Data of mobile etc.);
viii. File kit containing Copies of Summons, Panchnama, Test Memo etc.;
ix. GPS Tracker;
x. Hand held metal detector;
xi. High Power LED Torch;
xii. High precision digital weighing machine, closed door;
xiii. Modern Search Lights;
xiv. Multipurpose Screwdriver set;
xv. Night vision devices;
xvi. Stationery (Scissor, Stapler, Pen, Marker, Cello tape etc.);
xvii. Swiss Knife;
xviii. Videoscope

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