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PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 01/2022, DT. 04/04/2022

Implementation of the Track and Trace system for export of Pharmaceuticals and drug consignments along with maintaining the Parent-Child relationship in the levels of packaging and their movement in supply chain – Extension of date of implementation regarding.


In exercise of the powers conferred under Paragraph 2.04 of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2015-20, as amended from time to time, the Director General of Foreign ‘Trade hereby amends Para 2.90 A of Handbook of Procedure- 2015-20, as notified vide Public Notice No. 43/2015-20 dated 05.12,2017 read with Public Notice No. 52/2015-20 dated 05.01.2016, Public Notice No. 05/2015-20 dated 09.05.2018, Public Notice No. 43/2015- 2020 dated 01.11.2018, Public Notice No. 16/2015- 2020 dated 04.07.2019, Public Notice No. 66/2015-­2020 dated 30.03.2020, Public Notice No. 16/2015-2020 dated 22.9.2020 and Public Notice No. 46/2015-20 dated 30.03.2021 on laying down the procedure for implementation of the Track and Trace system for export consignments of drug formulations.

2. In Para 2.90 A (vi) and (vii) of Handbook of Procedure – 2015-20 (as amended vide Public Notice No. 46/2015-20 dated 30.03.2021), “01.04.2022” may be substituted by “31.3.2023”.

3. Effect of this Public Notice:

The date for implementation of Track and Trace system for export of drug formulations with respect to maintaining the Parent-Child relationship in packaging levels and its uploading on Central Portal has been extended upto 31.3.2023 for both SSI and non SSI manufactured drugs.

(Santosh Kumar Sarangi)

Director General of Foreign Trade
Ex-Officio Additional Secretary, Government of India
E-mail: dgft@nic.in

(Issued from F. No. 01/91/180/648/AM-09/EC/E-21052)

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